Oman Air appears to resume flights to Syria

January 13 2019
Syrian Arab Airlines, which manages Damascus International Airport, announced that a delegation from Oman Air was briefed, final week, on the technical elements in preparation for the resumption of flights.

Shafaa al Noori, director of Syrian Arab Airlines, was quoted by Sana News Agency saying that Gulf Air of Bahrain and Etihad Airways of the UAE have also requested to be briefed on the technical status of the airport, pointing out that these measures come in the context of preparing to resume flights to Damascus.

Syrian expatriates in Oman, who struggle to go to their homeland owing to the absence of direct flights, really feel that they have waited a extended time for regular air hyperlinks to resume in between Gulf states and Damascus. “Till about six months back, we had one option of Cham Wings flying once a week directly to Damascus, but that was also stopped. I am sure it is time for airlines to resume flights to Damascus, specially Oman Air,” stated Samir, a Syrian expat in Muscat.

Mazin, a Syrian businessman in Oman, stated that this is excellent news for Syrians. “During summer break, the need for direct flights is felt the most but this year things are going to change.”

Samir added that tourism is however to choose up in his house nation, but religious tourism has continued, albeit gradually, even in the final couple of years.
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